Episode 13 – It’s In The Numbers: Reaching For The CPA

If there is ever a business discipline that will always be in great demand, it is Accounting. For when there are sales and profits to be made, there are numbers to report to various taxing entities. It is an evergreen occupation, and it is our goal to produce the best the industry can hire. Recent grad Corey Orthengren does not disappoint in this category, having earned his BBA in 2019, his MPA in 2020, and now his CPA in 2022. Not one to sit still for long, he plans to reach for his CFP, and then likely continue toward his CFA. He’ll need an extra-wide business card for all that alphabet soup! In this episode, listen as Corey tells about what drives him to keep plowing this field, one that requires him to remain a lifelong learner.



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