S2Ep15: The Dean’s Office

Somehow we’ve made it to the 40th episode overall without interviewing the Dean of the College of Business, Dr. Amjad Abdullat. We remedy that with this episode, and dive deep into the COB, Dr. Abdullat’s vision for us, and much more.

S2Ep14: A Demographic Cliff

Universities depend on there always being young adults coming of age and opting for higher education. But what happens when universities face a demographic cliff like the one coming? Tune in for a deep chat with Dr. Neil Terry, Provost and EVP at WTAMU.

S2Ep12:Mastering HR Strategically

It’s one thing to have basic HR functions covered at the office, but our new MS degree in Strategic HR takes this to a whole new level.

S2Ep11: Sweet 66 Suite

Not all Mother Road travelers seek nostalgia. One person—Dr. Nolan Stolz—traveled it repeatedly to gain inspiration for an orchestral suite.

S2Ep10: Marketing Is In The House

It’s everywhere. We can’t escape it, no matter how hard we try. Join the Marketing faculty as they pontificate on the issues of the day.

S2Ep09: The Hispanic Chamber Means Business

The changing nature of Texas demographics leaves us with no clear ethnic majority, and we are becoming increasingly bilingual. Jennifer Anguiano of the Amarillo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce explains how the association helps connect businesses and customers in our diverse culture.

S2Ep08: Crisis Communication

Corporations have faced crises since their inception, but social media has put companies in the crosshairs for every little thing they say. Dr. Kris Drumheller discusses what went wrong, and how to handle these crises.

S2Ep07: Spirits In The Sky

One of the most complex distribution systems in the US involves getting alcoholic beverages from manufacturers to retailers, and ultimately to final consumers. J Pat Richmond spent his entire career with one company doing just that, and along the way, came back to school—WT, of course—to finish what he started.

S2Ep06: In The City

Cities don’t run themselves, they need City Managers. When everything is going well, no one says anything. But as soon as the traffic lights seem a little out of sync, or you hit the same pothole a couple of times, the City Manager starts feeling the heat. Joe Price is the City Manager of Canyon Texas, and is our guest on this episode of BuffSpeak. Listen in to learn what the City Manager does to make our lives better.