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One of the most complex distribution systems in the US involves getting alcoholic beverages from manufacturers to retailers, and ultimately to final consumers. J Pat Richmond spent his entire career with one company doing just that, and along the way, came back to school—WT, of course—to finish what he started.
Cities don't run themselves, they need City Managers. When everything is going well, no one says anything. But as soon as the traffic lights seem a little out of sync, or you hit the same pothole a couple of times, the City Manager starts feeling the heat. Joe Price is the City Manager of Canyon Texas, and is our guest on this episode of BuffSpeak. Listen in to learn what the City Manager does to make our lives better.
Elections can be among the most contentious times for voters, whether it be city, state, or local. After all, much is riding on the line, and sentiments often run high. Dr. Dave Rausch explains the ins and outs of elections in our country, the problems with polls, and the challenges of being a disinterested observer while commenting in local media.
Perhaps the most contentious subject in casual conversation is the weather. It's either too hot, too cold, too windy...too something! But when everything is perfect, the discussion subsides and we enjoy the moment. Our guest on this episode is John Harris, Chief Meteorologist at KAMR Channel 4 in Amarillo. We'll take a look at the intricacies of being a weather forecaster, the risks he takes in making those predictions, El Niño coming this winter, and the climate change being felt all around us.
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same can be said of Societal Impact, an imperative many universities and corporations embrace today. It's just up to each to figure out how they're going to make that impact. Join me with guest Dr. Kelly McCauley as she tells how she took her class down this road.
Sports is an American fixation. It matters not whether it is professional or amateur, we love a good game. Our guest on this pod is Dr. Brandli Stitzel, Sports Economist and Associate Professor of Economics here at WT. Together we take a deep dive into the arena of sport and all the money that gets spent along the way.