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It’s been in the news since late last year. Artificial Intelligence is being used to write blogs, social media posts, and even exam essays. Join us for a conversation with Dr. Joanna Kimbell, Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Law & Management, as we hash out ways to use AI responsibly, as well as how to control it in the classroom. Oh, and no AI was used to write this blurb!
There are roughly 13 million trucks on American highways, hauling everything from soup to nuts. We may take them for granted, but without them, retailer shelves would be empty. COB grad and serial entrepreneur Shane Redline tells us how he got started in the trucking business about a decade ago, and quickly grew from very humbler beginnings to one of the fastest growing trucking companies in Texas. And just for fun, he’ll tell us about the strangest load his company ever hauled.
Gina Woodward is bullish on small business in Amarillo. Of course she should be, because she’s the Regional Director of the Small Business Development Center in Amarillo. Our local SBDC office is under the umbrella of the Engler College of Business. Tune in to hear why Gina is so optimistic, as well as the many services her office provides to small businesses to help them stay on track to profitability.
If there is ever a business discipline that will always be in great demand, it is Accounting. For when there are sales and profits to be made, there are numbers to report to various taxing entities. It is an evergreen occupation, and it is our goal to produce the best the industry can hire. Recent grad Corey Orthengren does not disappoint in this category, having earned his BBA in 2019, his MPA in 2020, and now his CPA in 2022. Not one to sit still for long, he plans to reach for his CFP, and then likely continue toward his CFA. He’ll need an extra-wide business card for all that alphabet soup! In this episode, listen as Corey tells about what drives him to keep plowing this field, one that requires him to remain a lifelong learner.
There’s a great Japanese word that describes what we strive for in academia: Kaizen. Essentially, it means “change for the better or continuous improvement.” And this is no lofty goal or PR statement. It is an imperative, as expected by our accreditors and every other constituent we claim.In other words, no resting on laurels. No matter how good you think you are doing, you can always do better.Our guest this week is one of our own: Dr. Jillian Yarbough, Clinical Assistant Professor of Management as well as Assistant Director of Continuous Improvement. She spends much of her time working with College of Business faculty to monitor and track how well our students are doing in relation to our college’s learning objectives, as well as how we’re continuously improving.